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Remember to Seek Treatment for Severe Challenging Behaviors
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Sometimes, the ones that we love the most are the ones that hurt us the most. When our loved ones threaten to hurt themselves or others, their actions and words take an emotional toll on not only the one engaging in the behaviors but their loved ones as well. We know what it means to be at crossroads and feel like no one around us understands what we or our family members are going through because we have experienced this first hand. At T.R.A.C., we are not only hoping for a change, we create it through evidenced- and solution-based programs.

People often blame themselves, and it is important to remember that it is not anyone’s fault. Our approach is to first invite individual or multiple family members for coffee or hot tea at the office location that is best suited for them. We then walk through what they have been experiencing, how these behaviors that they have and continue to have are heartbreaking.

Knowing the behaviors that you or the family has been seeing helps us understand the situation for us to help.

Then, we get to work. We work with the individual independently in the community and across schools, events, teachers, therapists, and caregivers to help them put their behavioral plan in place.

We track behaviors alongside you as they are occurring. In the event that we are not present, there is a 24/hour number available 7 days a week. We will follow through with helping you and your family day in and day out to implement the tools necessary to increase the desired behaviors and decrease those that are not desired. We also recognize that these behaviors often occur because of the lack of one’s ability to communicate even when they are verbal. We focus on implementing the science of Verbal Behavior. Verbal Behavior is not only of utmost importance in the field of ABA, it should be at the forefront of the implementation of ABA Therapy.

We at T.R.A.C. will be with you. Together, we will work with the individuals and their family members, helping them reach their goals and defining success.

Our programs may include:

  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Your child’s behavioral progress starts with us.

If you’re ready to talk with our representatives, click here. For more inquiries, send them to us online.