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T.R.A.C. Sports and Activities

Honing their physical and social skills

Due to COVID-19, T.R.A.C. is assuring that all clients and their staff remain safe at all times. We are continuing to hold programs in the homes, in community settings, and possibly in clinic settings, too. We are updating our guidelines based on scientific research, medical doctors, and the guidelines recommended by the CDC.

We are continuing to transport.

When it is safe to do so, the following programs and groups will become available to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Brain Trauma Injuries:

  • T.R.A.C. Library Check-out System
  • T.R.A.C. Carnivals
  • T.R.A.C. Olympics (Everyone receives a trophy and a ribbon, and we take time during each session to follow through with steps to complete the skill)
  • T.R.A.C. Field Days
  • T.R.A.C. Social Skills Groups (4 or more)
  • T.R.AC. Social Skills Camps (This differs from social skills groups. For some individuals, it is necessary to put social skills goals in place. We are currently allowing this with no more than 2 people, and it’s based on medical necessity or on how essential it is to the individual or family members)
  • T.R.A.C Soccer Leagues
  • T.RA.C. Baseball/ T-Ball Leagues
  • T.R.A.C. Tennis Camp
  • T.R.A.C. Animal Care Club
  • T.R.A.C. Culinary and Baking Club

Your child’s behavioral progress starts with us.

If you’re ready to talk with our representatives, click here. For more inquiries, send them to us online.